Register for Reliance Jio prime membership and get amazing plans & offers till 31st March 2018

Reliance Industries Chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani gave an announcement on February 21, 2017, about the Jio Prime Membership at Rs 99 for initial customers. He also gave a statement about Rs 303 pack offer details. As you want to get this membership than just need to pay only Rs 99 per year. If you will become the prime member of Reliance Jio, you have enjoyed the 1GB of internet data plan per day plus unlimited voice calls plus SMS while recharging of Rs 303 per month.Reliance Jio Prime Membership

Hot updates: Jio prime enrollment or membership process has continues to till 15th April 2017. Also you can continues your free or happy new year services to till 15th April. This offer is called Jio summer surprise offer, in this offer you can also continues your deadline for prime membership and Jio prime plans recharge deadline to till 15th April. This whole news is announced officially by Jio. Read more about this offer by clicking here Jio summer surprise offer

Reliance Jio Prime Membership at Rs 99 for Initial Customers

As you all know that Reliance Jio was launched on Sept 5, 2016. Well, you can’t imagine that after 170 days, today, it has 100 million customers are using the 4G LTE of Reliance Jio plus free calls to any network. In fact, people can also use the broadband of Jio at their homes and offices too. As per the statement of Mukesh Ambani, there is near about 60,000 work forces of lakhs of group members are working as technology partners plus over ten lakhs of people as their retail partners. These people are including across all over the India. The good news is that it also creates the employment for the Indian citizens i.e. more than 50 lakh recruitment’s all over India.

Due to Jio, India becomes the number one country in terms of mobile data usage in the world. Well, Reliance Jio brings the tariff plans from April 1, 2017. You can take a Reliance Jio Prime Membership from March 1 to March 31, 2017.

How can you get the Prime membership of Reliance Jio? (Registration)

You can easily get Reliance Jio Prime Membership at Rs 99, just follow the following procedure. In fact, the customers who want to become a member but don’t want to change their number can also get this membership. The steps are following below

Reliance Jio Prime Membership

Step 1: If you are using the other telecom services then you can simply make due payments of the services and apply for the portability in Reliance Jio. When you have done with your due payments then you receive an SMS from Jio with some interesting offers. Finally, when you are ported in Jio, then you can easily enjoy the 4G services of Jio with unlimited data usage and voice call too.

Step 2: You can get a Jio SIM with two ways-

First, you need to buy a Jio SIM from any Reliance Digital Xpress mini stores. You have to give them a number of your Aadhar card for your eKYC verification. After that, you will get your Jio SIM.

Second, you can also take a Jio SIM with the help of someone who has to use it from past few days. The person can help to give you the reference code.

Step 3: If you are using the Android phone then you have to download the Jio App on your mobile phone. After that, you can easily create an offer code.

Step 4: You just need to do a text message, simply write “PORT” on the message box and send it to the portability number i.e. 1900. Your message will be delivered to the authority i.e. TRAI’s for the authentication purpose and also for the verification.

Example: Just only write PORT “9999xxxxxxx” from your mobile phone. Send this message to the portability number i.e. 1900. After that, you will get a message with some reference code.

Step 5: You have also another choice- if you are using the SIM of another telecom service. Then you can easily make the due payment of previous one and ported out your SIM in Reliance Jio.

The cost of Jio Prime Membership:

Well, you can pay only just Rs 99 for the prime Membership of Reliance Jio. After paying it you can get all the services which are available under Jio “Happy New year Plan” for almost 1 year. Once you become a prime member of Reliance Jio then you can recharge your SIM of Rs 303 per month till March 2018. You get 1 GB data plan plus unlimited voice calls plus SMS. In fact, you can also get some benefit like no roaming charges and voice call. You can take this membership easily by using the company’s website i.e. MyJio App of Rs 99. The same procedure you can use for the Rs 303 recharge every month. You can take jio prime membership plus recharge from Jio offline stores.

How can you avail the offer?

You can mainly enjoy the unlimited package of Reliance Jio “Happy New Year” offer in prime membership till March 31, 2018. If you aren’t a Jio user and want to port on Jio then you can simply port out your number in Reliance Jio. Just enjoy the exciting services and also suggests your friends too.Jio Prime Membership

What benefits will you get in Reliance Jio offer?

Well, Mukesh Ambani announced that he launched Reliance Jio tariff plans on April 1, 2017. There are very much exciting plans for the Jio customers. In fact, these plans are also offered to the customers who are getting the Reliance Jio Prime Membership for one year i.e. March 2018. The tariff plans are such as 1GB extra 4G data on Rs 50, charge according to 5 paise per MB. It means Jio offered range from Rs 149 to Rs 4,999. They also offered an ISD combo pack i.e. for Rs 501 valid for 28 days. With this, you can just get a balance of Rs 435 for the ISD calls.

There is also one another choice that they can give you 100 free SMS per day. But if you want to expand your limit that you can do a recharge of Rs 20 and get a balance of Rs 175 to send an SMS in India and in abroad. The SMS you are sending in India that will cost to Rs 85 paisa. If you sending a text message to an international number then you charged with Rs 5.

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